You regard your office not just as a workplace, but as living space as well. You use it to deal with your assignments and interact with your colleagues. That’s why we consider it our task to develop work chairs on which you feel good. Quality, design and comfortable sitting - these form the basis of why viasit is so unique. The synthesis of design and ergonomics became the foundation stone for our international success. We have been successfully building on this for many years now and have established the fresh image of our brand. When we talk about comfortable sitting, that’s exactly what we mean. A work chair from viasit is just as comfortable as it is sophisticated. We are proud of this achievement. But what we have achieved is no reason for us to sit back and relax, however. Comfortable sitting repeatedly drives us on to develop our work chairs and convince you about our company. 

viasit was founded in 1980, and since then it has developed into an internationally rated manufacturer of work chairs. Around 80 employees at the company’s site at Neunkirchen in Saarland provide competent customer care, reliable order processing and a professional service. 300 certified specialist dealers all over Germany guarantee the nationwide presence of viasit’s products as well as the requisite market proximity.
     40% of our production output goes to neighbouring countries or overseas.   The modern complex of buildings, which we moved into in 1991, is an architectural jewel located on the site of a former foundry, creating an attractive contrast in the immediate vicinity of the closed blast furnaces.
      The company’s premises had to be extended in 2002, and up to 1,200 chairs can now be manufactured daily in the production hall, which covers almost twice the area it used to do. The 48-hour delivery service already available for some models was expanded to include other products.
      At the same time, two floors were added to the administration building - the new viasit information centre. The training and exhibition floors give us the facilities to give the work chair greater public exposure as an aesthetic product. Specialist dealers and consumers can inform themselves about the ergonomic concepts behind viasit’s products and their materials and colours in a successfully designed setting over an area of approximately 800 square metres.
   viasit - the name says it all. Since its foundation in 1980, the company has attached particular importance to the ergonomic design of its collections. For many years we have been successfully working together with renowned scientists and doctors on suitable concepts. Most viasit chairs hold several certificates, including not only the SA label for quality and safety, but also the ergonomics label of approval in recognition of their certification by the TÜV Rheinland safety standards authority.   The design of the current collections has also been widely praised.
      Thanks to our well thought out and order-oriented manufacturing processes, viasit can claim to be one of the fastest, most flexible and reliable suppliers of office seating.   viasit is also a leader where quality management and environmental management are concerned, a fact borne out by the company’s regular ISO 9001/14001 certification.