Qubo -- Visitor chair

An all-rounder

What should a visitor's chair offer? Correct, it should primarily be practical and comfortable. It should be stackable, versatile, easy to arrange... The Qubo multifunctional chair can easily deliver this. And quite a bit more!!

Qubo gives any room concept a casual look with its delicate, subtle product design. And its versatility is second to none! Decide for yourself whether you would prefer it with four legs or as a cantilever chair, whether it should be used without upholstery in your waiting room and be easy to clean or whether its fully upholstered leather version should be a tasteful solution for your reception area.

Qubo simply offers everything that you would expect from a modern multifunctional chair, to say nothing of the usual excellent sitting ergonomics.

Offices, doctor's surgeries, cafeterias, Qubo makes everything magically light and easy.

Summary of Qubo visitor chair:

  • Functional design for all requirements
  • Either as cantilever chair or with four legs
  • Can be used in various ways:  waiting areas, offices, conference rooms, private areas
  • Ideal combination of design, style and function
  • Various colour and material options
  • Either with standard or raised backrest
  • With or without armrests
  • Upholstered, partly upholstered and not upholstered, made from tough polypropylene with full-surface perforation


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