Organic Link

Soft seating system for the modern office

Viasit is supporting the extremely successful office lounge system ‘Organic Office’ with the new modular ‘Organic Link’ system. The basic modules can be combined to create high-quality and comfortable seating solutions for quiet and communication zones in the open-plan office.

Organic Link is based on three striking basic ­­elements which can be combined in a straight light to create a bench of potentially unlimited length. This makes Organic Link the right product for places of retreat, informal team meetings and elegant waiting areas. An optional high back plate offers visual and acoustic protection from the open room.

Designer Carsten Feil (Palma Kunkel architecture and design office) created Organic Link in the same spirit as Organic Office. The two systems are noticeably related, while boasting their distinct individual advantages: While Organic Office interacts with the open room and creates flexible structures, Organic Link highlights boundaries in a large room – and that is particularly important in the currently popular open-plan office areas where an urgent need for protected zones exists to allow undisturbed reflection and idea exchange. At this interface,­ the two systems come together and develop their special strength in synergy.

Viasit is hoping to continue the Organic Office success story with Organic Link. After all, Organic Office is one of the most successful collections­ which has also received the greatest number of national and international awards, including the ‘Good Design Award’, the ‘Saarland State Prize for Design’, and the ‘Green Product Award’, as well as being shortlisted for the renowned FX Awards.



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