Sitting ergonomics

Poor sitting ergonomics are expensive.

Office workers spend up to 80,000 hours of their working lives sitting in work chairs. Wrong sitting ergonomics exert uneven strain on the spine, resulting in backache and ultimately a sick note. On average, an employee is off work 22 days a year because of back ailments. Assuming a cost of 500 euros per working day, this amounts to 11,000 euros for each case of illness. You can prevent this with the right choice of swivel chair and the proper sitting ergonomics, and in doing so save a considerable amount of money.

Good sitting ergonomics are worth a lot to us

We at viasit do everything to make sure that our work chairs fulfil the most stringent test criteria for sitting ergonomics. We want you to remain free of backache when you sit on our swivel chair and for it to become your favourite piece of sitting furniture.