Test winner

viasit contract chairs are test winners  

We at viasit are extremely proud of the fact that our swivel armchairs and work chairs are test winners in many categories. Our models have done exceedingly well in work chair tests conducted by both the Facts and Das Büro trade journals. But it’s not just in product tests where our office furniture have scored points. Our products have also almost always exceeded standard requirements in legally stipulated tests and finished up as test winners here as well.  

Test winners for design  

In addition, many of our swivel chairs have been awarded design prizes. We are particularly proud of the E3 red dot design prize, which is conferred every year by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen and turns our work chairs into award-winning designer furniture.

Our Scope model has been awarded the red dot design prize:

And our Linea 3d model has as well:
linea 3d