Test centre

Testing the swivel chair

Only a test at a test centre turns a swivel chair into a good swivel chair

The swivel chair market is immense, making it extremely bewildering. Anybody faced with the task of purchasing new seating as part of an office furnishing project needs qualified support. As an office furniture manufacturer, we at viasit regularly provide professional decision-making assistance in purchasing swivel chairs. 

Independent media test swivel chairs from viasit 

To verify the high quality and sitting ergonomics of our products, we regularly have our work chairs tested by independent institutes. The results speak for themselves. Regardless of whether trade journals like Facts or Das Büro, or independent bodies like the TÜV safety standards authority or FIRA, or when we’re in the running for design prizes, our seating occupies one of the top rankings in every test report. This means that a swivel chair from viasit is always a reliable choice.

Here you will find an overview of all work chair tests: