Viasit wins another German Design Award for a chair from the 'Drumback' range

The manufacturer of office furniture, based in Germany's Saarland region, has won the 'German Design Award 2019' for the conference chair from the 'Drumback' range designed by Martin Ballendat. The conference chair has a trademark integrated seat and back pan. As the name of the range suggests, the stable shell that forms the back of the chair is covered with a mesh material. This ensures really comfortable support for the person sitting in the chair and also represents a very ecological solution by saving on moulded foam and other structural elements. At Orgatec in Cologne (23rd-27th October, 2018), Viasit will be officially unveiling the swivel and cantilever versions of the Drumback conference chair. The Drumback range is growing and offers considerable freedom in terms of fitting out entire premises – to both providers of furnishings and interior designers. Because in addition to the latest conference chair, Viasit also offers the office chair – which has won several design and environmental prizes itself – and various visitor chairs. Another new product at Orgatec is the 'Newback' office chair, where Martin Ballendat has again picked up on the characteristic design elements of the Drumback and reinterpreted these to create a whole new design. The German Design Award is bestowed by the German Design Council. The German Design Award is among the most prestigious international design awards and recognises high-calibre entries within the field of product and communication design.




Come and join us and be inspired!

At Viasit we continue to push the boundaries of sitting excellence and good design and it is customary to expect something special from us at Orgatec. In 2016 we showcased numerous new products including Drumback, which is the most successful new product launch in our history.




Viasit announces collaboration with KI (USA)

KI will manufacture and distribute selected models of Viasit’s award winning Drumback product line under their own brand name through their network of partners. The products will be showcased at June’s Neocon 18 in Chicago. KI selected Drumback for its organic design, unique backrest concept, easy to adjust ergonomic simplicity, environmental status and value for money. “Viasit already has a long-term partnership with KI in the EMEA region and we look forward to the development of our partnership in one of the world’s largest markets,” says Viasit International’s managing director Alan J. Stanton.




Four awards in a row

The Good Design Award, which was first introduced in 1950 by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, is one of the most prestigious and oldest awards for product design. With the winning of the Good Design Award, Drumback has now received another prestigious award - the fourth in a row! There are good reasons why: Creating an office chair that is ergonomic and affordable, environmentally friendly and comfortable – this was the challenge facing designer Martin Ballendat and Viasits own in-house development team. The result is Drumback, one of the most innovative office chairs in recent times and Martin Ballendats design includes many practical details that create an outstanding piece, however the first thing of note is the distinct and attractive design. The design of the back is the most important innovation of Drumback. Until now, there were just two basic forms of back for office chairs. An upholstered back with a solid back and a fabric upholstered foam pad or a mesh back with a warp resistant frame and a stretched membrane. Both versions have their merits but Drumback combines the advantages of both. Drumback features a solid, curved back surface to which a memory retaining mesh is tightly fastened in a similar way to the skin of a drum. Hence the name “Drumback” and this solution has broken new technical ground with correspondingly high demands on product development. Sustainability

Sustainability is a key word at Viasit and the unique design of the backrest reduces the number of component parts required in the manufacturing process as it saves two components, the inner back and the upholstery foam element. With around 720,000 upholstered chairs being produced in Germany annually, the potential saving of upholstery foam is in the region of 400 tons per year – without compromising on either sitting comfort or ergonomics.
Drumback also delivers environmental advantages when compared to a conventional mesh chair. The fastening plate of a mesh back chair must be sturdy and warp resistant to give stability to the back. Composites, which are difficult to recycle, have to be used to achieve this.
With Drumback there is less static stress because of the solid back support and this component is therefore made with non-composite 100% recyclable polypropylene that can be re-made into chair backs over and over again.

User-friendly handling

Viasit also wanted to make sure that the chair was easy to use. The user-friendly function buttons are integral to the chair and marked with self-explanatory icons. The height of the back is easily adjusted with two clamps, which are intuitive and used easily. The digital user manual can be accessed from any web browser to help users adjust the chair to their individual needs. For this reason, Drumback is good for your back, your wallet and the environment. Four big awards in a row The Good Design Award is only one of Viasits long and impressive history of winning prestigious national and international design prizes for its products over and again. "Drumback" also received the "German Brand Award“, the “Green Product Award" and the “Mixology Task product of the year Award“ in the UK.




Viasit is now EMAS certified

Setting an example EMAS certification requires much higher standards than ISO 14001 because it also incorporates clearly defined environmental objectives to which our company is bound – such as lower energy consumption, and the use of packaging materials and certain resources. These objectives are described in detail in our environmental statement and are available to the public. Our achievements are reviewed by regular state-accredited environmental audits. For Viasit, these environmental targets primarily relate to the use of packaging materials, material consumption in production, and the proportion of renewable energy. A “clean pair of hands” Compared to other companies in our market sector, the impact of Viasit’s activities on the environment are low. Even though our premises are located on the site of a former smelting works, and are situated near Neunkirchen town centre within an industrial heritage landscape (“LIK”) under conservation administration, there have been no concerns or complaints in relation to noise pollution or any other negative environmental impacts. The Company’s water, heat energy and electricity consumption with its 130 employees is no higher than that of a residential area with a similar number of people. While environmental protection has always been a priority for Viasit, this is also due to Viasit’s relatively low depth of production. A large part of this value is created through our supplier chain – who are subject to the same regular, strict environmental audits as we are at Viasit. The vast majority of components and raw materials used in the production of our products come from European suppliers. This makes it easier to control environmental impact while also reducing mileage. Regardless of this we always have opportunities for improvement and these are enshrined in our environmental statement.
What is EMAS? EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”, a community scheme for voluntary environmental management and environmental audits. In the EU, EMAS is controlled by each member state. EMAS was developed by the European Community in 1993 as an instrument for companies seeking to improve their environmental performance. The establishment of an environmental management system and the processes under EMAS also complies with ISO 14001. EMAS, however, goes much further than a pure management system. EMAS focuses on performance: The company undertakes to continuously improve its environmental performance over and above the requirements of environmental laws. Employees are involved and sensitised to environmental issues in their daily work. Environmental management should be manifested by all, rather collecting dust as unread handbooks stacked on a shelf. Through EMAS, the company is bound to prepare an environmental statement on a regular basis. All activities, resource and energy consumptions, emissions, waste created, etc. relevant to the environment are published in this statement. Regular environment audits conducted by an independent, licenced environmental verifier ensure that the disclosed figures are honest. A monitoring audit is conducted annually to review compliance, and recertification takes place every three years. The environmental statement is updated and published annually. Viasit will complete its next EMAS recertification in 2020. EMAS-Environmental Statement 2017




Drumback from the company Viasit receives the "Green Product Award 2017"

Ein Creating an office chair that is ergonomic and affordable, environmentally friendly and comfortable – that was the challenge facing designer Martin Ballendat. The result is the Drumback, one of the most innovative office chairs in recent times. This intelligent product saves up to 400 tons of foam upholstery material and polypropylene per year and has now received the “Green Product Award” 2017 because of that. Martin Ballendat included a number of practical details that create an outstanding piece. The first thing of note is the distinct and attractive design. Viasit also wanted to make sure that it is easy to use. The user-friendly control elements are integral to the chair and marked with self-explanatory icons. The height of the back is easily adjusted with two clamps, which nearly all test persons found immediately and were able to use easily. The new digital user manual can be accessed from any web browser to help users adjust the chair to their individual needs. The design of the back is the most important innovation of the Drumback. Until now, there were just two basic forms of back for office chairs. Upholstered backs are constructed with a solid back to which a pad of upholstery foam is fastened and then covered with fabric. The second type is the mesh chair. As the name suggests, a mesh is stretched tightly over the sturdy warp resistant frame of the back. Both versions have their fans. The Drumback combines the advantages of both. The back of the Drumback is made of a solid, slightly curved back surface to which a mesh is fastened tightly – just as the skin over a drum. Hence the name “Drumback”. This solution broke new technical ground with correspondingly high demands on product development. Sustainability
This design of the back saves two components, the inner back and the upholstery foam element. These components do not need to be manufactured, transported to our factory, glued together and later recycled.
The upholstery foam for a comparable chair weighs about 560 grams. With around 720,000 upholstered chairs being produced in Germany annually, the potential saving of upholstery foam is roughly 400 tons per year – without compromising on either seating comfort or ergonomic properties.
The Drumback also has environmental advantages when it comes to the conventional mesh chair. The fastening plate must be very sturdy and warp resistant to give stability to the meshed back. Composites are used to achieve this, and which are difficult to recycle. The Drumback is different: There is less static stress on the large solid back support. It can therefore be made with non-composite, 100% recyclable polypropylene that can be turned into chair backs over and over again.
This means the Drumback is good for your back, your wallet – and the environment.




Viasit receives the "German Brand Award" from the German Design Council

The German Design Council, the institution for the promotion and evaluation of brand management and product design, has awarded Viasit with the "German Brand Award" for "outstanding brand management" in the product category for "Office and Stationary" for office chair innovation with its new "Drumback" chair. This prestigious award was presented to Managing Director Thomas Schmeer at a special ceremony in Berlin in June. The Drumback story convinced the judges with its innovative design concept, in which Martin Ballendat combined the benefits of a mesh back chair with those of an upholstered back chair in a special style from which the chairs name is derived: The “mesh” fabric is stretched, in a similar way to the skin of a drum, over the back component providing the comfort of a padded chair, and at the same time the lightness and breathability of a mesh back chair. In addition, the chair features a unique, but logical user operating concept with a browser-based HTML5 user manual and easy to understand icons on the integrated adjustment buttons. Drumback also delivers a significantly reduced carbon footprint, compared to traditional office chairs. "This award is in recognition for our efforts to sharpen the Viasit brand and position it at a higher level, through an increasingly clear company-specific design language", says Managing Director Thomas Schmeer. In 1980, the company originally started out as a manufacturer of only office seating. In recent years the Saarland company has gradually expanded its product range. In collaboration with external designers such as Martin Ballendat, Büro Palma Kunkel, Ralf Umland and others, Viasit finds answers for the combination of work places and communication areas in an open space office, sustainability and the convergence of living and working. The German Brand Award is only one of a long and impressive history of winning prestigious national and international design prizes for its products over and again. "Drumback" also received the "Green Product Award 2017". Viasit is now officially a "major German brand" In May, Viasit became a foundation member of the German Design Council. Only companies that are characterised by outstanding performance and success in the field of design and brand management are appointed to the Council. Viasit, a medium-sized office furniture manufacturer from the Saarland, has now become a member of this illustrious circle, which includes global brands such as Porsche, Adidas and Rolf Benz. Viasit will therefore feature in the 2017 issue of the "Germany's major brands" magazine. About the German Design Council The German Design Council was established as an initiative of the first German Bundestag (the lower house of German parliament) in 1953 with a mandate to support the German economy in the implementation of design as an economic and cultural factor. The foundation currently consists of over 260 companies from different design-relevant areas of Germany industry. This elite circle also includes world-famous names such as Porsche, Adidas, Daimler, Hülsta, Rosenthal, Rolf Benz and WMF. In Frankfurt, the Council is particularly well-known for the annual award ceremony of the German Design Awards at the Ambiente trade fair.




“RTFM*!” – or “How is the operating manual relevant to ergonomics?”

Viasit firmly believes that the operating manual is one of an office chair’s most important quality features. As a manufacturer, Viasit is obliged to include a paper operating manual with every chair delivery. But in this age of digitisation, the company in Neunkirchen believes that modern media must be used to achieve the necessary acceptance of as many users as possible. The “Impulse” as the start of it all The Saarland manufacturer’s best-selling “Impulse” chair collection was the first to be given a new operating manual with cutting-edge HTML5 technology, which runs in all standard browsers. http://www.viasit.de/manuals/impulse/
The dual split screen provides two ways to access the controls: all of the series’ control levers and switches are listed on the left. Clicking on one of the detailed images opens the 3D model of the chair in the main screen, which the user can then turn and tilt in any direction. The operating lever selected by the user is marked in red. When it is clicked, the corresponding function is shown on the 3D model as an animation.
To allow the user to reach their destination in various ways intuitively, the principle also works in the reverse sequence: if the user clicks on the 3D model on the main screen, the corresponding detailed image on the lift is highlighted and the function is animated on the 3D model. WebGL as technical basis The interactive 3D depiction is based on WebGL, an image library that is a fixed component of all modern web browsers. This allows the chair to be displayed with hardware acceleration in all standard browsers, with no plug-ins needing to be installed, on all platforms and all devices.
And thanks to the informative animation, anyone can set the Impulse chair perfectly regardless of their native language. The strategy and the technical implementation was the responsibility of Viasit’s long-term business partner Pixellab in Kaiserslautern (www.pixellab.de).




Viasit announces partnership with Amardeepfor the Indian market

Having previously achieved good levels of success in the European markets, Viasit has increased its activities in the Asia region, signing a licensee and general distribution agreement with Amardeep for the Indian market. Amardeep founded in 1992 is owned and managed by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Ami and Deepak Shah. Operating from 11 sales offices across India and a purpose built state of the art factory in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Amardeep is one of the largest and leading designers and manufacturers of office seating in India covering a wide range of market sectors including Education, Finance, Insurance, IT, Hospitality and Lifestyle. Amardeep will manufacture a number of our key product lines for the Indian market at their facility in Roorkee, as well as feature a general wide range of Viasit products in their showrooms and sales offices. At Viasit, we are widely experienced in export, realising the significance of “local” manufacturing partnerships in key markets with existing long term successful partnerships in Canada, Australia and the UK and more recently in Columbia with others planned for the future.




Silence is golden

At first glance SAM might appear to be a storage unit or a speaker as it is anonymous and sits in the corner of your space. SAM features a patented high-tech foam interior neatly concealed inside the perforated panels of the mobile module that can be moved whenever and wherever it’s needed reducing the need for permanent inflexible solutions. The SAM module is particularly effective in acoustically hard areas with large expanses of glass, wood or tiled floors and little furniture adapting easily to contemporary, classical and vintage spaces. With a big effect and a small appearance the "System4 acoustic module" is available with a choice of black or white perforated panels accented by tubular chrome steel frame mounted on the easy roll castors.  SAM is constructed using 3 System4 furniture cubes with a compact height of only 1.25 metres and a weight of only 20kgs and can be manoeuvred without effort.  Sound protection when and where it’s needed SAM is different from other solutions, it’s more flexible, it’s smaller, unobtrusive and it moves! SAM moves about and can always be used where it is needed! SAM is a perfect solution for listed buildings where the construction of other acoustic aids, such as on walls and ceilings is not possible!  SAM is perfect for temporary spaces! SAM can also be incorporated into Viasit’s System4 furniture solution as the patented foam is available in different sizes, which can be incorporated and installed into different modules allowing the creation of “invisible” noise reduction concepts within existing System4 furniture. 




Organic office wins design awards

Organic office was awarded the coveted Saarland State Gold Award for Design, was a finalist at the internationally renowned FX global Awards in London in November and in December received the Good Design Award from the museum of art and design Chicago. Organic office: Furniture system plus app With its innovative design organic office allows modern design approaches for open spaces, offices and lounges, waiting, meeting and greeting and hotel applications and communication zones for public, healthcare, education and private sector organisations which perfectly convey the spirit of our times. The five modules can be used together or individually and positioned and flexibly arranged as required with their organic shapes delivering harmonious and balanced spatial configurations.  Here, the furniture system embodies perfectly the brand promise of viasit: Highest quality, combined with sustainability, and an excellent price / performance ratio.  Carsten Feil of the Palma Kunkel design practice from Saarbrucken and Berlin is responsible for the design of organic office and its corresponding app, which provides a 3D view of individual layout configurations in advance of selection and purchase. Viasit regards design awards as valuable recognition as well as market indicators. "In 1980, we founded our Company as a pure manufacturer of office seating" Thomas Schmeer, viasit's CEO, explains: "In recent years, we have broadened our horizons, expanding our product offer and are gradually becoming a system provider for the good office. Awards prove that we are moving the in the right direction with this concept". Saarland State Award for Design Once again, and for the umpteenth time, Viasit has received the illustrious Saarland State Award for Design. This award, one of the most important regional design awards in Germany, was presented by the Saarland Economic Department in 2015 for the twelfth time.  The award promotes awareness of the significance of product design in the Saarland economy, confirming that good design in Germany's smallest state is truly thriving. 100 companies entered the competition with 170 different products with seven being selected for the Gold State Award. FX Awards In November last year, viasit took part for the first time in the prestigious FX Awards, which are held annually in London. The winners were celebrated in front of more than 1,200 guests at the famous Grosvenor House Hotel.  Organic Office was entered for an award along with over 1,000 other submissions with the list of entrants representing a "whose who" in global design and architecture. Organic Office was shortlisted with 9 other contenders for an FX Award.  Good Design Award Every year, companies and designers compete with thousands of others for one of the world's most prestigious design awards. In December, "organic office" took its place, along other Viasit products from previous years previous, amongst the 2015 winners.  The award is presented annually by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design which was founded in 1950 by design icons Eero Saarinen, Ray and Charles Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann Jr.




Award for organic office

We are delighted to inform you that following 400 entries from over 20 Countries featuring cutting edge design with submissions from Students and International Companies alike for the 2015 Green Product Award, Organic Office has received this prestigious selection.




Orgatec 2014 – a resounding success

Organic Office “hits the sweet spot” Orgatec 2014 was a great success for Viasit with a record number of visitors, both existing customers and new prospective partners, coming to our stand over the course of the 5 days of the show.  Our newly designed stand theme featured three specific zones and topics, Organic Office, Seating and System4 and this presented us with the ideal way in which to showcase our entire range of product solutions to our visitors, explains Managing Director Thomas Schmeer. Organic Office gave us the forum for discussions, relaxing with our customers, meeting new partners and for the conclusion of orders at Orgatec delivering great success and the most successful fair in our history. ‘Numerous European and International partners visited our stand along with a record number of prospective new buyers from all over the world, many of whom had projects to discuss with us and are now in negotiation to become our partners ’ explains Thomas Schmeer. ‘Thanks to the dedication of our entire team, we were able to realise a fantastic exhibition display that proved very popular with customers, partners and prospective buyers alike. I am certain that we will be able to conclude a large number of successful contracts as a result of Orgatec 2014,’ asserts Thomas Schmeer. organic office – the convertible office lounge system With our new product line, we are setting new standards in versatility, Artistic and Sustainable  Organic Office stole the show at Orgatec – the open space system delivers multiple opportunities to the user: a waiting area, a creative discussion zone, a place to take a break, the modular system provides the perfect setting for communication, interaction as well as peace and quiet. The modular design leaves nothing to be desired and delivers an appealing option for business with its endless opportunity for use. Customise organic office with the app The organic office app is the ideal guide to the extraordinary number of shapes, materials and surfaces which form the product strategy. With the app you can put together an organic office solution that perfectly meets your needs, in four simple steps, and then request a quote.  More on organic office can be found here.




Trade fair highlight 2014 "organic office"

Redefines open spaces Communication that stimulates creativity is a key factor. More and more designers and companies are creating communication islands or pods for employees to promote and stimulate effective communication during both work and rest. Palma Kunkel Architecture and Design office, working in collaboration with us in house design team has created Organic Office, an entirely new concept, which receives its worldwide showcase launch at Orgatec 2014. Organic Office is 5 elements that can be contained in within a space of 3.75 square metres, be used individually, grouped together in an infinite number of configurations to suit any requirement and moved around at will by the users. The smaller elements can be used for sitting, as tables or work surfaces, again individually or with other elements. Practical and aesthetic The elements which feature soft rounded edges, diagonal seams, state-of-the-art materials and finishes deliver a stunning visual impact wherever they are located. App-based configuration With the app enables architects, designers, specifiers and end users to plan and configure Organic Office individually and to contact us for a quotation. Coming soon, it will also be possible to generate CAD data from the app for interior design purposes. Organic Office will be available through our network of partners from November 2014. More informations here




Collection TRI

The new “TRI“ table by Viasit delivers affordable contemporary design combined with high quality materials and can be used for meeting, conference, general office and residential applications. The top, which is available in clear glass or graphite mfc, appears to float above its 2 angled leg frames which by nature of the intelligent angle design provide the user with uninterrupted leg room Used in combination with the new Re-pend shell chair, TRI gives every room a clear and elegant note due to its aesthetic design and choice of materials. Find out more about TRI.




Mix visits Viasit

MIX FOCUS - Just in case you missed it!




We've done it again!!!! Re-pend is awarded the Good Design Award

Great news as 2014 begins with a bang! The re-pend chair receives a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and design, following in the footsteps of our previous winners scope, toro and futura in the last 10 years. Re-pend won thanks to its harmonious concept combining innovative technical design, the retro look of a classic shell chair and surprising comfort" as recorded by the trade press. The free-floating shell, supported by the frame structure is suspended above the base providing a light appearance and delivering ergonomic advantages: the seat shell tilts forwards and rearwards and rotates from side to side in harmony with the users movements delivering enhanced "active sitting" and is highly recommended by occupational health specialists. The re-pend design concept by Martin Balllendat is the second collaboration with Viasit following the multi-award winning Scope in 2011. Martin Ballendat is one the industry's most famous designers, and has shaped the face of many well-known brands with his designs throughout the last 25 years and his partnership in this project will help viasit achieve its central objective: to break through the barriers of the traditional market segment of office seating in order to open up new markets and target groups. With re-pend, viasit has created an aesthetically pleasing chair that fits all applications: office, education, healthcare, private sector, public sector, conference, open space, lounge, hotel and residential.  "The wide range of uses makes the product so unique on the market," says viasit CEO Thomas Schmeer. You can find out more about re-pend and its fantastic design online: * re-pend online special: re-pend.viasit.de/en * A video about the design concept of re-pend with viasit CEO Thomas Schmeer: re-pend.viasit.de/en/design




Alan Stanton introduces you to Viasit and takes you for a test drive in Impulse, the chair for everyone - "watch the video"


Smart business in Clerkenwell

The London home of Viasit International, The Gallery in Clerkenwell, has recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a total refurbishment of both floors and the introduction of 2 new partners.
Alan Stanton, Director of the Company comments "We continue to be delighted by the positive impact that our collaboration at the Gallery brings to the growth of our UK and International sales activities. It seems like only yesterday we decided to take part in this exciting and unique project and visitor numbers have increased by over 40% during the last 12 months. The Gallery is a valuable tool for our customers and has contributed significantly to our exceptional sales growth during the latter part of 2013."




Interior Innovation Award for collection impulse

Once again, the German Design Council has honoured a viasit product with the Interior Innovation Award. After the scope model received the accolade in 2012, collection impulse can now chalk up this sensational success as its own. The entire viasit team, along with designer Ralf Umland, is delighted to receive this prestigious award. "This prize proves to us once again that we have gone in the right direction with our investments in the past few years," says Thomas Schmeer, Managing Director of viasit Bürositzmöbel GmbH. The product's success speaks for itself. In the past few months, impulse has helped the company win many framework contracts and major projects at home and abroad. Incidentally: the Interior Innovation Award was created in January 2002 by the German Design Council in collaboration with imm Cologne. Its aim was to create an independent industry award for design. imm sponsors the competition, while the German Design Council has assumed the role of organiser.




re-pend – A webspecial for a very special chair

re-pend is more than just a new product from Viasit, it is a future-oriented concept which is now presented in a webspecial on its own Microsite. 

-        24/7 re-pend is  the chair for life, as you will learn in this harmonious video.

-      Ergonomics – get to the point of dynamic seating with the 12 degree tilt.

-      Design – “Healthy chairs can and should look good”, says  Thomas Schmeer in the interview regarding of re-pend.

This interview and much more information regarding re-pend is available on the pages of the webspecial.

-> to the webspecial




We did it again!

We are delighted to inform you that, for the second successive year, Viasit has won a SILVER award at NeoCon. This year in the face of tough competition from many global manufacturers our great new work chair Impulse, designed by Ralf Umland in collaboration with our own in-house design team, was selected in the ergonomic office chair category by a panel of independent judges for its great design, comfort, class leading ergonomics and value for money.
Impulse is now available to order and this prestigious award will give great value to your sales presentations. Please contact us if you require any information.




New Product launch: impulse and re-pend

Following the introduction at Orgatec, impulse and re-pend will be launched shortly. Both products are featured in our new price list which is available in April and brochures will be available soon. The future is here the future is Viasit. Click here for product overview.




vialog 02/2012 – Orgatec 2012 Edition

Please download the new vialog 02/2012




The Orgatec 2012 - A Complete Success

At a time when the trade fair sector has been complaining about falling numbers of visitors for a number of years, with 50,000 guests, the Orgatec succeeded in almost matching its 2010 figures. In this context, we at viasit are genuine winners. At our stand, we succeeded in increasing our numbers of visitors by 40% in comparison with 2010. With our models policy over recent years, we have expanded our product range in exactly the right directions. At this year's Orgatec we presented the re-pend and impulse models as new developments. The re-pend is an innovative and contemporary swing chair. The special thing about this product is its range of possible uses. Since the chair not only pivots but it also swings on its axis, it offers a degree of freedom that makes sitting in a cafeteria equally as comfortable as sitting through a conference or meeting. The impulse is being positioned in our product range along with the linea. For this reason, the quality yardstick prior to development was very high. It had to fulfil all the functional attributes of the linea, yet configured in a modern design. In addition to this, we also adopted the operational concept successfully introduced with the scope. Both models were received by our customers with enthusiasm and we received much positive feedback on our work. It is with the positive feel of this successful trade fair that we will be starting 2013 on a successful note along with our partners and customers. Here are some photos of visitors and products at Orgatec.




vialog 2012 – our company's newsletter "vialog"

download here our new "vialog" and find current news in:
vialog 01/2012




scope wins Best of NeoCon Silver Award

The question at the beginning of this years NeoCon, with an election year, a difficult economy and hot temperatures on Chicago's streets reaching 35 degrees was would the show be a cool one? Following the launch of scope into the US market at last years show our presence at NeoCon 2012 was even more exciting with a stunning booth twice the size of 2011, heralding the official launch of the Bouty partnership for the USA with new branding and the complete product offer of scope, linea, filigra and vario (sid). During the 3 days of the event our booth was visited by over 300 delegates from the Dealer, Rep, A+D and End user communities from countries and States as far apart as Argentina and Alaska, and the engagement with our brand, stand theme and products was greater that any other exhibitor on our floor. The efforts and hard work of our team were rewarded with the scope task chair winning a NeoCon Silver Award!   Alan Stanton, viasits International Business development Manager commented "Following last years exciting step into the market with the launch of scope we have this year clearly secured the foundations for the growth of our business in the US market and officially launched our partnership with Bouty. The NeoCon Silver Award is a credit to the team that made this happen, our partnership with Bouty and clearly demonstrates our world class capability, design and engineering skills"




Showroom Paris

After opening the viasit exhibitions in London and Tilburg (NL), the opening of the Paris showroom was celebrated on 14 June 2012. The premises are in an elegant Art Nouveau building at the centre of the 2nd arrondissement, near the old Paris stock exchange. Together with Managing Director Thomas Schmeer, the six-man viasit France-Equipe under the leadership of Jean-Michel Meyer greeted specialist dealers, architects and other interested persons in the newly designed rooms. The publisher of the specialist magazine "Office et Culture", Alain Boisson, introduced his new book, which describes the latest concepts for professionally designing office environments. Approximately 120 guests celebrated the opening of the new viasit France headquarters into the late evening




yet another design award for “scope”

the “good design award” presented by the chicago athenaeum museum is one of the most important and best-known design prizes in the world. viasit has been awarded it for the third time - and for two products in one go: for both the scope executive chair and the scope conference partner. the good design award is presented every year to outstanding design objects from all over the world, and this is already the fourth prize that viasit has managed to win with scope. a few weeks earlier it received the “red dot design award” and the “interior innovation award” as well as the “saarländischen staatspreis für design”. scope – a chair “of distinction”.




scope collection gains international certification to bifma and british standards

the scope collection is not just setting new standards in design. viasit’s top-of-the-range chairs have also been awarded the internationally recognised approvals to the us manufacturers’ “bifma” standards and to “british standards” scope: beautiful and tough “it is well known that the highest requirements for strength, stability and durability of office chairs are set by ansi/bifma x5.1 and british standard 5459”, explains viasit production director thomas prowald. “to meet the requirements, the scope chair had to undergo dynamic and static tests with extremely high loads. and the results obtained by the british standards tests also allow the chair to be used as a 24-hour chair. this demonstrates that with the scope chair we are operating at the highest level of quality and reliability. the relevant tests were carried out by the tüv/lga product group in germany and by fira international in england.” bifma and bs are important in export markets viasit has big plans for the scope chair, including sales to export markets. “with this chair, we have given a clear signal”, says managing director thomas schmeer. “with its great design appeal and its innovative ergonomics, scope incorporates more than any other chair the values which viasit adopted thirty years ago as the company mission statement. scope is the face which will stand out in the crowd, and raise the profile of the viasit brand in all our target markets.” gaining approval to bifma and bs, which are much better known internationally than the european “gs” certificate, is an important selling point if the chair is to be a valid offering not only in europe but also in north america and asia, which are target markets for viasit. from the earliest development stage, scope was designed to meet the requirements of these standards. it is the first viasit chair to be approved to these two standards.