With us you sit properly!

To manufacture design-oriented, long-lasting and ergonomically perfect seating for offices as a living space with an appealing price-performance ratio has always been viasit’s maxim. The company’s name is no coincidence, because viasit stands for the way to sit better.  With the development of a complete, ergonomically perfected chair programme from simple plastic seat chairs through to exclusive executive chairs, the company has achieved great dynamic growth in recent years. Today, viasit counts among those highly rated and still relatively young market players in the work chair segment who give a significant boost to the market. viasit will continue to consolidate its position with new products that focus on the design factor.


Campaign against incorrect sitting

Backache, slipped discs and tense muscles brought about by sitting down too long, a lack of exercise or uneven strain from repetitive activities, a wrong and forced posture caused by incorrectly adjusted chairs and desks, sitting too close to the monitor, inadequate lighting, insufficient acoustics - the march towards a service-oriented society with its predominantly sitting activities exacts its toll. But the main problem, however, continues to be an incorrect sitting position, which is primarily attributable to poor chair ergonomics and not using the chairs properly. Sitting correctly on an ergonomically perfected work chair has been proved to be the key factor in minimising days lost through illness and raising both performance and concentration capability as well as productivity.   viasit has therefore paid special attention to the ergonomic design of its chairs right from the very beginning. As far as viasit is concerned, good sitting is quite literally a question of attitude. To make sure it stays at the forefront of ergonomic research with regard to human biometrics, viasit works together with occupational health physicians and acknowledged ergonomics experts. One result of these joint research and development activities is the point synchromatic automatic mechanism. Found on most swivel chairs and guaranteeing maximum ergonomic comfort, this mechanism allows the seat and back rest to always remain in perfect balance during synchronous movements and thus prevents the unpleasant “shirt-pulling effect”.   viasit offers owners another ergonomic refinement with the schukra lumbar support. This is an additional feature which allows the curvature at the base of the back rest to be variably adjusted. The schukra comfort support was developed in collaboration with doctors and therapists and provides for optimum support of the back in every sitting position.   Numerous viasit models have versions with height-adjustable or multifunctional armrests which minimise or prevent tension in the neck and shoulder areas.