Teno24 -- Swivel chair

Continuous comfort, day and night

Teno24 is designed to be used 24 hours a day around the clock. Whether you work in a control room, rescue coordination centre, police, fire, security or any other emergency services scenario, Teno24 sets the ergonomic, comfort and quality standards.

Teno24 helps you get the job done.



Teno24 summary

Teno24 delivers unrivalled support and comfort for this type of chair and features.

A mechanism with knee tilt, swivel and a 35-degree lockable backrest recline adjustment.Teno24 also provides as standard an integrated lumbar support, wheel adjusted height adjustable leather upholstered arms, integrated leather upholstered headrest, sculptured padded seat and backrest cushions and a choice of three 24-hour upholstery fabrics.


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