linea Drehstuhl

Linea -- Swivel chair

Dynamics for greater flexibility

The Linea encourages dynamic and comfortable sitting and thus boosts creativity, concentration and performance. Even if the instruction to children to "Sit still!" at the dining table may still apply, it definitely does not in the office. Quite the opposite: a rigid sitting posture damages health and makes the body and soul tired. Feel good with the Linea, which brings greater flexibility!

The Linea design range swivel chair, our success model, with its very special ergonomics and customised back design enable you to work flexibly and relaxed. The Linea can be individually adjusted to your body and favourite position using different control functions, such as the back counter pressure setting and armrest width adjustment lever. Experience maximum comfort combined with top craftsmanship with the Linea. And the design? Superb!

You concentrate on your work, we will strengthen your back!

Summary of Linea swivel chair:

  • Clear lines, maximum comfort and unbeatable variety, that's our success model Linea.
  • Linea offers different backrest heights in the upholstered version, point synchronous mechanism, plus a number of ergonomic features.
  • Be it an upholstered backrest or mesh backrest, the Linea is a superb designer piece and unbelievably comfortable as well.


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