F1- Mesh back rest

F1 -- Mesh backrest

The choice is yours!

Dynamic flexibility: F1 combines engineered technology with an unbeatable price to performance ratio. F1 is the perfect project chair and delivers value ergonomics and cost-effectiveness.

F1 offers the user numerous options for individual requirements and makes working a real pleasure. The ergonomic components of F1 are paired with a selection of two different backrest heights with a choice of mesh or upholstered finishes with an expansive range of fabrics and colours that can be tailor made to suit your environment.

F1 Move features an individually adjustable flexible jointed seat which rotates through a range of 360° that provides all-round support for movement. Enjoy complete freedom, regardless of task whether working with technology, talking, relaxing or talking with colleagues. 

F1 Move helps to prevent complaints resulting from one-sided strain of the skeletal muscles and spinal column. 

With F1 Pro it's easy to find your optimal comfort levels as the synchronous automatic mechanism, adapts to your sitting position through your body weight and the pressure you exert on the backrest. In this way you intuitively control the interplay of the high-quality mechanical components and you always sit correctly maximizing comfort and well being.

F1 is supported by the F2 range of visitor and meeting chairs.



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