SAM - System4 Acoustic Module

It's just too loud!

We all face situations when everything is just too loud in the office with machines clattering and rattling, laptops and smartphone’s ringing, buzzing and sounding off like sirens, colleagues shouting to make themselves heard and all the while the incessant tap, tap tapping on keyboards. You want nothing more than to use earplugs or headphones; it’s impossible to get anything done with all this noise.

When new workplaces are created or existing ones refurbished there are many acoustic solutions that can be integrated into the scheme to counteract noise but most of these are static! However what can be done when the office is already in place, or there is a limited budget for renovation, or the building is listed and the possibility of changes are limited, or completely forbidden.


It’s not an option to simply ignore the problem as it has real consequences. Loss of concentration, fatigue and symptoms of stress such as headaches, high blood pressure and aggression can have major long-term effects on employees and Company performance.

We have a solution and we call it  - SAM.