Office planning

viasit takes over the planning of your office furnishings

When planning an office, there often comes the moment when professional help is needed - in some cases earlier, in others later.

We at viasit are ready to assist you at every stage of your planning process.

 Don’t you know where to start? Or have you got some concrete ideas about your office furnishing, but you’re still missing an important piece of information?

Made-to-measure planning

Would you like us to include your swivel chairs in the furnishing plans for your office? Or do you need some assistance with the conference room?  Do you need help with the hall seating?  Should we take over the planning of your counter? Can’t you find the right counter chair or an appropriate shelving system?  We will fulfil your wishes with pleasure and professionally!

Here you can find pictures of the viasit shelving system:



Image database

Assembly Video

System4Planer (Windows-Version)

System4Planer (Mac-Version)