System4 – individual solutions

Attractive items of furniture for your office

Our customers often say: "Yes, the furniture is beautiful but don't I then have to change absolutely everything". The answer is clear and simple: "No, you don't have to". There is no furniture more suitable for a gradual change or simply creating one striking focal point. Bring colour to your office or configure an individual solution tailored to your needs as a room divider or create variable storage space. The minimalist and timeless design allows our System4 products to be combined with almost any furniture and styles.


Creative office furniture

Our furnishing specialists have not only built reception desks, room dividers, highboards and lowboards from the shelving system, but even a children's playing tower and seating. Use our system4 shelving system as easily as a construction kit and realise your very own customised solution.

Here you can find planning examples for our modular furniture.

Be inspired and give your creativity free rein. Using our System4Planer we are able to visualise your ideas beforehand, leaving nothing to chance.

Shelves, lowboards, highboards, counters




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System4Planer (Windows-Version)

System4Planer (Mac-Version)