The work chair offers our back a home

Why are ergonomics so important in the office? Humans originally only knew two positions: running (hunting) and lying down (sleeping). Today we no longer have to prey on our food, but instead we earn the money necessary to buy it in the office. This is where the person sits - for up to 80,000 hours of his or her lifetime. That’s why the work chair has to be more than a base. It also needs to offer our back a home without restricting our freedom of movement. 

A work chair needs sitting ergonomics 

The ideal work chair should encourage dynamic sitting, meaning that the person sitting on the swivel chair changes position as often as possible. The spine should be supported to avoid backache. And place the phone on your sideboard so that you occasionally get out of your chair!

Here you will find some information about the sitting ergonomics of work chairs:

And here are some more details about dynamic sitting:

And here is an example of how you will enjoy comfortably sitting on our chairs: