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Design aspirations

Design and art are two plants from the same roots

Aspire to design for a good reason!

A chair is a chair - is that really the whole truth? And what actually drives the manufacturer of such a profane product to turn to art, to promote and sponsor it at regional level? It probably comes down to love for design and our awareness that design and art are two plants from one and the same root. Who could deny that, historically, design and art have only developed into independent disciplines since the separation of the liberal and applied arts from 1800, conditioned by industrialisation, technical progress and the increasing dissolution of the contexts of life. Since then, design has oriented itself to practical values, aligns itself with technical reproducibility, devotes itself to the perfected mastering of fabrics and the interaction of shape and material.

Design shapes life, whereas art adorns it and repeatedly interprets it anew.   But are not art and design becoming increasingly blurred in our present times? At some exhibitions, designer installations are put on display in peaceful harmony with the works of visual artists. The one talks about an object, the other about a product - sometimes they both mean the same thing. The term ‘object’ merely implies the lack of a practical value and its likeness to a piece of art which has a clear relation to everyday articles and thus differs so fundamentally from a painting or sculpture. 

But of course design is particularly close to our hearts. The designs of our own products have scooped up prizes time and time again, which has significantly enhanced our renown and acceptance in the market. That’s why design fulfils a dual function for viasit: On the one hand it helps to put the objective, ergonomic product features, which remain in focus, into perspective. On the other hand, our consistent orientation to design helps to establish the brand image. viasit thus develops its products by striking a balance between emotional added value for the consumer seeking individual forms of expression, and shaping its brand image in an increasingly intense competitive environment.